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Sujiko and Suko now joined by three fresh new puzzles from Kobayaashi Studios!

For those who don't yet know - Sujiko is a number-based logic puzzle created by Jai Kobayaashi Gomer in 2010, which features daily in the Telegraph, allowing millions of players to pit their wits against what can be, at times, a deceptively simple playboard.

A sister puzzle - Suko - which is a descendent of the classic Sujiko (but featuring extra, coloured sub-sections, akin to 'killer sudoku'), can be found Monday to Saturday in the puzzle pages of the Times, as well as the Sun at weekends, the Reader's Digest, and a variety of books and magazines published by Puzzler Media Ltd. This puzzle can also be found half a planet away, in the Adelaide Sunday Mail.

In 2013, Kobayaashi Studios published a new set of puzzle books - beginning with "I Heart Sujiko" and "I Heart Suko". These little gems were so popular that, alongside the release of the second collection of Sujiko and Suko puzzles, two new puzzles were added to the collection :

Dottoko utilises the same Grid & Node playboard first seen with Sujiko and Suko, but invites players to work out where a specified number of dots may be placed in the grid "so that the number in each node is equal to the number of dots contained in the four surrounding squares". It has been likened to the popular game 'MineSweeper'.

Loko is the first logic puzzle from Kobayaashi Studios which does not feature numbers. Instead, players are invited to create a continuous pathway linking every node placed on a grid composed of horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. Each node contains a symbol, which rules how that node may connect to others.

Now, there is a new puzzle in this series, to test and frustrate the puzzling mind : TANKO is a word-based puzzle which uses the same Grid & Node playboard as the previous puzzles. Players are presented with a playboard and a list of words, each one to be fitted onto the board so that each word is made up from a letter-bearing node and its four surrounding spaces.

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how to play
How to play Sujiko :
"Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the spaces so that the number in each circle is equal to the sum of the four surrounding spaces."



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